October 21, 2008

More pictures of the passion fruit flower

October 21, 2008

Another LO I loved making………

This is the last of the blinkie challenge in debscreations. This time there was sketch and few rules.

Rules are
1. Use at least 3 or more photos

2. Use 3 different PP or card stock

3. 2 or more word title with the word “NEW” in it.
4. 3 different embellishment

5. at least 2 line journaling

I love the Rosa Moka Pattern papers. So bright and funky. So I decided to use just one of them. Rest I am having them, not using them!!lol!!! I loooooooooooo them so much I want to keep them under my pillow when I sleep lol!!!!

Anyway, I am into this curling the paper as well. So I have curled the paper, hand drew the border. I also used felt under the green PP. But i also stitched the felt edges with yellow thread to give it a border and it will show up more. Embellies are simple just to give more focus on the photos and PP.

I used my DD’s new hairdo pictures. She loves long hair and inspite of swimming and knots she is determined to keep it. So I gave her a new hairdo of curls and layering her hair. She is so proud of her hair. I love her hair too.
Let me stop bragging. So this is my layout. I am very happy with the layout.

October 20, 2008

Passion… Fruit…Creeper

Well, there is a story behind the passionfruit creeper in my house.

When we moved in to the housecouple of years ago, the backyard was over grown with this creeper. We did not know what this creeper was. Thought it could be Wisteria!!The leaves resembled Wisteria.

The backyard was so dark and dirty with fallen leaves. We decided to chop it off. I chopped it till the lowest of the trunk. Left the root because I had no more strength to do anymore chopping. Hoping I will keep nipping off the new shoots and keep it at bay. What an idea! But this creeper started to sprout every other place, between my vegie garden. So annoying but I kept chopping them off. Not giving up easily. How dare you? I used to literally fight with the creeper!!

Anyway, during winter we decided to not to grow anything in the small patch. But this creeper is one adamant, persistant plant that it just sprouted again and grew very fast sucking all the compost I put into the soil. Grrrrrrrr! The leaves were so like wisteria that we read some information on Wisteria and decided to leave it to grow. Wisteria’s flowers are so beautiful and fragrant.

But to our disappointment, the flowers were different. Although, it was very pretty and fragrant, it was not Wisteria. My DS took some pictures of the flower with his tiny point and shoot camera. I decided to put one of the photo up in my blog to see if any of you know what it is?

Fortunately after a few days, ChrisW in her comments said that it could be Passion Fruit. AND…. Yes, Is it passion fruit. What a Surprise? My DH loves passionfruit. I hate it! So we are keeping it for now to see if it will give some fruits.

So girls, this is the story behind the Passion Fruit Creeper at my home. Will load more photos of the flower and creeper tonight.
Enjoy the rest of the day.