May 29, 2009

New haircut

One more post today.I finally booked myself for my haircut which I have been contemplating over a few months now.Braved myself into the parlour. The lady was very nice and we chatted a lot and by the end of the session this is how I look….

Too short!!! Must not have chatted too much. I can’t even make a ponytail. My DS could not even recognise me at school today. He just walked past me searching for me lol!!!! When I called him, he looked at me and said ” What have you done mommy?” You look like a girl! That was a nice complement. lol!!! Aditi was very thrilled. My DH did not say anything. So I guess the style suits me. YAY!!!

I have some good news to share. Will post tomorrow.:)

Until then


  1. Love your new haircut Gayatri. Really suits you……xxx

  2. you look good chica!

  3. Hoot Hoot! Love the new do Gayatri, really suits you:) Talk soon Angie xox

  4. Oh it looks beautiful G

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