May 18, 2009

I am still singing….

Yes, I am still singing “I’m in looove with a fairytale” Love the song. Brilliant number. Simple, catchy and Alexander from Norway is a sweetheart.He played his violin so beautifully.I could not get the song out of my mind. Still humming lol!!!!
Oh! I am talking about Eurovision. I normally do not watch it intensely but this time since my children are learning music, we sat and watched all of it. All the finalist songs were awesome. “Is it true?” from Iceland was so beautifully sung by Yohana, it brought tears to my eyes. “What if we” from Malta was also good. Loved the song from Estonia as well. They were all well sung.Some other number were catchy and costumes and backdrops were gorgeous. Loved it.Wish I had the CD/DVD of the Eurovision 09.
Norway won the Eurovision 09 contest extravaganza.

No scrapbooking to share today.
I am also busy getting rid of unwanted things around the house. OMG!!!, I have collected so many junk stuff. House is becoming cluttered. We are also moving into a bigger house in couple of months time. So I want to take only the essentials. I am sorting things out and getting them to Salvation Army.
Hopefully I will have time to make a layout tonight to share.
Until then


  1. Hi Gayatri…This is what I need to do too, I wanna move out of the town I am currently living in to a much bigger town or city!
    Good luck with the clearing of clutter! Luv Shaz xoxo

  2. Good luck with the move gayatri – glad its you!!!

  3. Must be the time of year for clearing out clutter my girls got rid of lots of their unwanted stuff at the weekend….I really should start on mine…good luck with getting rid of the clutter and the move…oxo

  4. Hi Gayatri,
    Only today I read through most of your blogs… OMG do you have ten hands or what??? U R Definitely a great all rounder doing so well in all that u take up. U GO GIRL!!!

    Btw, where are u moving to? Didnt know that…


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