April 7, 2009

Couple of layouts to share….

Hey everybody,
How are you all doing? I am back after the computer breakdown.
Earlier I used to have the computer in another room and scrap table in another room.
Now they are besides each other. Looks awesome.
I do not have to run from one room to another.
Very happy. So nice of my husband to fix it for me.
But during the time, I managed to make atleast 5 layouts.
Here are two to share. These are both for challenges at Debs creations
This one here is for Treesa’s challenge.

This one here is for Tanyah’s challenge.
There are more layouts I have not taken photos of them yet!
Will do this evening and share.
My mojo has gone on a holiday!!! Got to get him to come back.
I am seriously looking for some inspiration.
New papers maybe…… Any suggestions?
Well, we had their parent teacher meeting last week for Aditi and Siddarth.
Teachers had all nice things to say about both of them.
Both got outstanding in all the subject.
Thats happy news for us. Both of them love going to school..
Which I did not when I was young!!! I confess… lol!!!
I went to a school run by very strict Nuns!!!!
Scares me even now when I think of them!!!
Kids also had their music concert last week.
It was an hair standing experience for me.
Not only to see my kids playing Piano and guitar,
but kids as little as 5 year olds playing guitar and singing.
Its nice to see kids doing extra curricular activities.
Well I got to do some work.
Enough of bragging about my kids lol!!!
Until next time….

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