December 3, 2008

I am still here….

I know no post for a few days. I am caught up with so many things.
Phew!!!! I wish I had more time. On this friday, its worse Morning as usual get kids ready to school, drop them off, then at 10.00–to 12.00 conference, then after that I need to go for an auction. Pick up kids at 3.00pm, take them to swimming, come back cook dinner, then get ready for my DD’s end of year class party!! Oh that reminds me I have to get a present to put under the tree.
I don’t think I will wake up early on saturday SIGH!!!! but will have too (CRY!!). Music lessons at 9.00am!!!!
I still haven’t got things ready for my DS’s birthday party on sunday!! Presents bought, but not wrapped, lollibags bought, but not the lollies !!! Menu planned, but not bought stuff for it. I am crazily pulling my hair.Phew!!!! I need to write it down.
I have to post few layouts today!!!
I hope all your social calenders are also full! How do you girls manage? Love to hear some tips. Really! I am exhausted already!
Oh, I forgot, this morning after dropping kids at school, I went to this jewellery party at my friend Nat’s house. Very cool silver and 18ct gold plated jewellery. More than that good company for 45 minutes and nice breakfast. Was relaxing……….. Or not………….. I spent some money on buying jewellery!!!!!!!!! Shhhh!!! I haven’t told my DH yet!
Back to work now. Got to go.
Will catch up soon

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