November 26, 2008

Boring day yesterday at work!!!!!!

Yesterday, I had to finish all paper work at work. Not only mine but the doctor’s as well!!! Poor Traci, my admin staff had to put all the notes into the data system in the computer and nothing has been done by the doctor. I offered to help her out with it. It is boring to sit and do the paper work. I prefer clinical work all times.
Went to pick up kids from school and found out my DS had fallen down hard on the road at school and hurt his knees and sprained his wrist. Oh poor thing, this is the first time he has fallen hard and hurt himself. He was in real pain for the first time. lol!! Moreover, having fallen in front of girls and friends, ego hurts like mad. So lot of cuddly time at home and my DD gets jealous. Lol!!!!
Some Rice and Dhal for dinner and off to bed for them.
No good programs on TV last night. So went blog hopping. There are some real cool blogs. I will keep adding them to my list.
I finally found Tim Holtz’s applicator and have bought them. Waiting for the delivery. Watching the post daily………… Hope it comes today.
I am preparing for this weekend’s cybercrop at Anybody wanting to scrap their holidays please register yourself. Starts 28th’s November till 30th november. Plenty of games, fun and challenges. Theme is “The great Outdoors”.
Next two weeks I have my social calender filled with parties and dinner from school and friends. Think most of yours will also be.
Mine starts today with a tupperware party. Hope I do not spend too much today……….. Hope not….
Ok thats it for today.
Have a nice day


  1. Your poor DS his ego will probaly hurt for longer than the injury but he will get over it.I was going to do the cybercrop but have to work Sat 2 kids parties to do and get organisied for the market Sunday the weather dictates what I take to sell Enjoy your weekend luv Lexie oxo

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