October 13, 2008

Tip and the step by step…………………..

We all have seen the kid’s self adhesive foam shapes and alphas in shops. Some of us have them
at home too. I have them in plenty, sometimes all over my DD’s room.These have lovely shapes
of flowers, animals, petals, and alphas which we normally do not have in our scrap booking
embellishments. Meaning the flowers are different in shape from the ones we use in scrap
booking. Anyway, we are going to use them as stamps. Yes!! now we have shapes and alphas
different from others. Best of all it that they are dirt cheap. You can make as many as you like.
Make one for each color!!! You can throw them if it get too dirty as foams will absorb color
and make another one without feeling guilty!!lol!!!

Let me tell and show you how?

Materials needed:

1. Self adhesive kid’s foam alphas or shapes. I am using a bug shape x 2
2. Plastic transparent sheet- we get many of our everyday house hold items covered in thick transparent plastic box. Cut them and use them for this.

3. Card stock— White preferably

4. Ink/arcyrlic paint

5. Sicssors-the small one

6. Black marker pen

Ok, here it goes………….

1. Peel the adhesive from one bug and stick over the other.

2. Remove the adhesive of the other and stick the thick layered bug on the plastic sheet. Cut the sheet into a square with the layered foam bugs in the centre

3. Now you have the stamp ready. Ink them as you do with regular stamps or use paint and stamp them on the card stock.

4. Cut them out and draw/decorate the bug as you like using black marker.

Ta da here you have an intant cheap stamp to use..

Hope you enjoyed this one. Please leave feedback in the comments section.


  1. Fantastic,will have to give it a try

  2. very clever idea Gayatri, I’ll have to try it..

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