September 21, 2008

Tinky the parrot

I am baby sitting this parrot called Tinky.She is a Rainbow lorikeet. Lovely colors but she is loud and very curious. She sits on my hand when I am on my computer and keep licking my hand. Had trouble adjusting initially but she loves me now.

September 21, 2008

collect crockery!!

I always have this thing for crockery. Love it especially the old ones like the blue and white, red and white and some hand painted one. I also like Bendigo pottery and jars. I have just started collecting a few. Here are some on display. Some are inside my buffet as I have no space. I regularly rotate because I can then display them all and I also have something to do.

September 21, 2008

My first ever post and blog

Yey!!! I have finally created a blog for myself and this is my first ever post.

Phewww!!, I got through the initial hesitation of starting a blog. Should thank all the ladies at challenge chic who own a blog site for it. Going through their blogs inspired me. So here I go.

Well, today my day has not yet started. But I have a few on my agenda. Clean up my shed and organize the tools. Hubby has bought some steel shelves and getting them set up. Then I have to wipe all my glass doors and windows. My son will give a hand on that. Then cook a proper meal.Maybe something special and easy today.

I have to do a couple of layouts today. By afternoon I have get that started. I will post my pages here with some close up photos as well.

Let me get going.