February 26, 2009

Wow!! I recieved my prize today…

There was a surprise in my postbox yesterday!!

Yes, I received my prize, I won for the Rub it in challenge at SB dot com.
So excited to see the prizes. Who wouldn’t love bling flourishes and fibers.
Nikki posted the prize from USA. Thanks Nikki. Appreciate it.
Your “Thank you” card is awesome too.
Here is the prize pack

Awesome isn’t it?

I made a card out of acetate sheet. First time for me. I liked making it.

It did not take a long time.Very easy than I thought it would be.

Simple and neat. I think I will do more often.

Here it is:

OK, catch you later this evening then.
Have a nice day.


February 25, 2009

Storm? What storm?

It was such a fuss yesterday as it got windy and people rushing to get home quick, picking up kids from school. I too picked them up early and went home, secured all loose items and then waited for the storm……..


and waited………..

and waited……………

What storm? There was none.
It got really really hot, went upto 40 degrees but no storm at all.Crazy weather!!
The weather department said pokies lol!!!!
I had some 3 emails about the storm yesterday at work but nothing happened.

Cha!!, I thought it happens only in India and the meterology is pretty good here.
Weather is unpredictable I guess!!

Today it looks like it will storm.
Heavy storm clouds, humid and hot.
I am going to enjoy the rain and hail and all.If at all it happens.
I am sure it is happening somewhere closeby but not in the town. Cha…

I managed to make my ATCs for the swap at Debscreations

and here it is.

I loved the bright pink background. Paper from Pink Paislee. Stamp from Bizzy Becs. I have used Distress inks to color the image and mounted it on double sided foam. Diva made out of Dymo.

If you are interested, you could join for the next round, starting march 15th.

OK got to cook dinner. Until next time….


February 24, 2009

Severe thunderstorm warning

There is a severe thunderstorm warning with flash floods, large hail and severe winds. We are all asked to go home and secure loose items and disconnect all electrical items. I haven’t been in such a situation before. I am feeling a bit child like and Yay! some hail I can collect some more put it in the freezer. On the other hand, got to pick up the kids from school early and get inside the house soon before everything happens. I have a bird with me too. OMG! she will freak out with the thunder and lightening………..

Well, I am still sitting here waiting for the wind to pick up, so I can go and get the kids from school.A bit anxious. I don’t want the car to get damaged as well! It is not too bad outside. I can see it a bit windy, clouds at a distance. I am anxious.I am I am…I hate thunder and lightening. I freak out too.

Should I go now or wait? Thats the question always, isn’t it? I am not sure if its going to storm sooner or later. Unpredictable weather.

Better be safe than sorry. I am going now. See you all later this evening. Will let you know more about the storm. Hehehe!