November 24, 2008


Yay!! I got it. I made my own header for my blog and loaded it as well.

Well, I am so happy. So happy……… Feel like jumping up and down.
I am currently sitting in front of my screen grinning.

Wow!! I can’t believe myself. I had the determination to fix it.
I just did not give up at all and I did fix it without any help (Well had the internet though!).

I need to celebrate it. Off to eat lunch.

Have a nice day.


November 23, 2008


Hi Ya everybody!!
How are you guys doing today? My weekend was busy, spending few minutes making this banner for my blog header and spending the maximum time trying to put it up as a header!!
I have been siting with it until 2.00am and my blog would not accept it as a header either from my computer or from my photobucket.
Elle!! I have the same problem as you! Have you fixed yours? If so please email me how?
Anybody else who has an idea how to fix this poblem can email me, PLEASE!
Here are some closeups

Thanks for stopping by


November 23, 2008

Spring flowers