October 1, 2008

Layouts made for Uproar Cybercrop

Well, I did not have time yesterday to load these layouts. School holidays and it is more busier than the working days!!! Kids had swimming and the time is right in the middle of the day!!!!!!!. So there is a rush rush time in the morning to finish breakfast, cook lunch, some homework for the kids, pet the parrot, tidy the house, organize outside work and time to go for swimming. Back from swimming it is evening!!!!! Shops are closed now and I was unable to get my prints done yesterday!! Wonder what happened to a few hours in between. Of course, kids swam and I watched but that watching feels like I am wasting time. Anyhow, thats how it was yesterday.

Coming to the layouts, One of the challenge was to use a photo which is 30 years old and make a layout with embellishment out of stash. I had to redo one my old layout, so I pulled out the photo from it and made this one.

The next layout rules were the most difficult or rather was difficult for me. Because it involved colors I normally do not use together. Orange, Blue and White!!! Hahhaha. But the other rule is use of circles. That I love. So I decided to make a layout using minimalist approach.I had this photo of my DD holding an Olympic Torch she made at school.That photo had just the right color.

Thanks for making time to read and see my creations. keep coming for there will be more!!!

September 29, 2008

Outback Australia–Some picture we took today

We went driving into the outback. A colleague of mine said wildflowers were in bloom. Thus we started on a journey this morning, not knowing how to go, where to go!!!! Kids were not up to an adventure but they had no choice. Lol!!!! We did not find any wildflower beds. We kept driving for more than an hour and reached a hamlet town. We attended to our nature’s call and then set out to see a salt lake. As we are conscious of out greenhouse gas contribution, we have a small car. Small car on dirt road? No way No way.There was no cell phone reception either. We had to turn back. So on the way back we stopped and took some pictures.

September 28, 2008

Some photos I would like to share

All taken by my dear husband. Photography is his hobby!!.