October 13, 2008

Tip and the step by step…………………..

We all have seen the kid’s self adhesive foam shapes and alphas in shops. Some of us have them
at home too. I have them in plenty, sometimes all over my DD’s room.These have lovely shapes
of flowers, animals, petals, and alphas which we normally do not have in our scrap booking
embellishments. Meaning the flowers are different in shape from the ones we use in scrap
booking. Anyway, we are going to use them as stamps. Yes!! now we have shapes and alphas
different from others. Best of all it that they are dirt cheap. You can make as many as you like.
Make one for each color!!! You can throw them if it get too dirty as foams will absorb color
and make another one without feeling guilty!!lol!!!

Let me tell and show you how?

Materials needed:

1. Self adhesive kid’s foam alphas or shapes. I am using a bug shape x 2
2. Plastic transparent sheet- we get many of our everyday house hold items covered in thick transparent plastic box. Cut them and use them for this.

3. Card stock— White preferably

4. Ink/arcyrlic paint

5. Sicssors-the small one

6. Black marker pen

Ok, here it goes………….

1. Peel the adhesive from one bug and stick over the other.

2. Remove the adhesive of the other and stick the thick layered bug on the plastic sheet. Cut the sheet into a square with the layered foam bugs in the centre

3. Now you have the stamp ready. Ink them as you do with regular stamps or use paint and stamp them on the card stock.

4. Cut them out and draw/decorate the bug as you like using black marker.

Ta da here you have an intant cheap stamp to use..

Hope you enjoyed this one. Please leave feedback in the comments section.

October 11, 2008

I am excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just read through in stucksketches blog and found out that I am the September Australian Winner!!!!!!! OMG I just cannot believe it. I am excited and want to jump but having a little tummy upset. So not a good thing to do right now!!!!!!!
Hurray!! I won a sketch competition!! Oh! the layout is “Boys & Toys”.Here it is for you to see.
I won it, I won it, Yay Yay Yay!! (singing like Dory in Finding Nemo)

October 11, 2008

Blinkie Challenge at Debs……………….

We have this Blinkie Challenge at www.debscreations.net.au

Well, have to do 4 challenges which could be layouts or OTPs set by 4 DT members and then towards the end of the 4 challenges, we earn a blinkie. Sounds great hun!!! Best part is these DT members are fantastic challenge setters.

I liked this latest one set by Scrapwitch.Her name is Lisa.O. Her favourate is paint. I love paint as well. But I am a bit lazy to use paint often as they are messy.

The challenge says to use paint, one large photo which has to be edited using software, use staples some where and super distressing.Oh!! and use a song lyric for title!!! Anyway, I used Pink Paislee Office Lingo Collection-Cubicle PP as the base. I edited my DD’s photo using software. I used antique and waterdrop effect on it and printed a large size photo.

Then, here comes the interesting part. I used pastry brush to draw doodles. How often has anybody done this weired thing on a layout? My husband was not happy with it because he is the baker at home. He does a lot of baking and now I pinched his pastry brush…lol!!! Will buy him another one. I promised him that.

For distressing, I used Tim Holtz’s distressing ink-Brushed Corduroy on the alphas “U” and on the flowers and heart shape. Then sanded the alphas to give the same effect as the other alphas (which are readymade ones!). I looooooooooooooove Tim Holtz products. The grungeboard is a fantastic invention.The distress ink is fabulous. Wish I had his………… what is it called??????????? the applicator!!! Well, there is a name for it. Forgot…!!!!!!!!! I am using makeup sponge though, Hehehhe. I do not use makeup so the sponge for another purpose. Ooooo recycling Hey!!

Staples are on the ribbons on the tag. The song lyric I used is one of my DD’s favourate artist at the moment-James Blunt. She loves his “You are beautiful, You are beautiful. Its true”. So I used it as I felt it was perfect. She sings it too. Full with perfect lyrics…. I also love the felt flower I bought from Reject Shop and the Green Tara flower with the rhinestone. Very pretty.
I am happy with the result. Guss my mojo is back! I did not leave it in Perth, Elle. I must have left it here at home.Lol!!
Here is the layout and some close ups … TFL