February 3, 2009

Got a routine going now!!!!

Hi everybody,

Got back to work today. I spoke to my boss and changed my work schedule. Instead of working 4 hours all five days, I am work 3 days a week, full day and having 2 days off for myself. I made this change because, I put on of lots of weight and felt very fatigued over a few months. So I went and checked my sugar levels and found that I have diabetes 1!!!!! Goodness, Gracious, Blistering Barncles!!!! it just hit me. I have to change my lifestyle, workout and go on a diet!!! This change of schedule will give me time to go and workourt in the gym!! A change of food at home–Salads, Salads and more Salads. NO PROCESSED FOOD. So 2 days of workout, walk to school and back and diet. Hope with this routine, I will get my sugar levels under control. This morning kids drove the scooter to school and I literally ran at the back of them!!! I was huffing anf puffing and sweating like…. yukky!! But felt really good though!!

Happy with the start. Determined to keep it up…

So, since I am at work for the 3 days a week, full day, I will no longer have posting on those days. That is on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. This will be my last Tuesday posting.I will post on Mondays, Fridays and Sundays.

Catch you all on Friday. Have a good week


February 1, 2009

Two of a kind.

This is my take on Begguhuna’s sketch on Debs sketch challenge.
Begguhuna’s sketches are awesome. Love each and every one of them.
You can find her sketches in her gallery at SB dot com.
I particularly like the flower clusters on her sketches.
Here is the closeup of the above flower cluster.


I am so glad that school started today. Both Sid and Aditi had enough of holidays and were looking for forward to school. Siddarth was anxious about which teacher he is going to get and who will be in his class. But he was happy after knowing he is with his fav teacher and that he has his friend in his class. He was excited going into a different building and also that his desk has a bigger and better draw. Oh! He kept arranging and re arranging his stuff in the draw and when I asked him what he is doing? He said, “I am just trying to fit things neatly inside and I am not like Nadal!!! “.. He then quickly chased me away.lol!!!

Aditi on the other hand was sad because her best friends both GF and BF are not in her class!! But she is happy with her new teacher.

The house is empty and quiet!! Feels nice and now I can organse to do errands. I think we like a schedule. Myself and my kids do better with a schedule. Otherwise it is chaos at home.

Ha ha, No more, “what can I do now?” “Is there something to eat?” “But why should I come for shopping?” “Can we go scooter riding now (at 12 noon!)?” “He was mean to me!! No!! she was first!! No he, No she…………………..

I am going to enjoy my peace today!!

See you all tomorrow.

Have a great day


February 1, 2009

Basic Grey Challenge #20—Sketch.

This week it is the a sketch challenge at basic Grey challenge blog.
Here is the sketch.

It is basically a card sketch but I wanted to make a layout using this card sketch.
Wanted to do something different.lol!!!
I always want to do something different.
I hate repetition unless it is on a layout or on the wall or garden, which creates an impact.
Thats why I hate ironing. Such boring repetitive job!!

Anyway, Here is my take on the sketch

I have used red card stock as the base and
other papers used here are from Basic Grey –Recess, Bittersweet and Stella Ruby papers
All of them are matted with black paper to highlight their colors.
I normally do not matt papers for a layout
but there is no right or wrong in scrap booking.
And I think it look good!
I have used lots of stamped images on the layout as embellishments.
I stamped the clock stamp from Heidi Stamp on the layout
but the start, arrow and text are stamped on pattern paper and cutout.
Chipboard brackets and tag pieces are inked.
Alphas from Basic Grey Bittersweet range.

Thanks for the sketch.
I loved making this layout using this sketch.
One of my favorite layout.

Vicki Bailey had passed on this challenge from her blog.
I have to publish the 6th photo from the 6th folder on my computer.
OMG!!! was a bit nervous when looking for it.

This photo was taken by Siddarth at Baha’i Temple in chicago using mobile phone.
So the photo is not very clear. there is myself, my DH and my BIL in the photo.

Thanks Vicki. Had fun.lol!!

Thanks for stopping by