November 20, 2012

Inspired by Pinterest!

Hello all,

I love Pinterest a lot because it has become a source of inspiration for my creativity.
 But not just for making papercrafts but also for paint colours for my home.

I found this picture on pinterest and I liked it a lot. I saved the picture on my desktop. I love that striped wall and wanted to paint a striped wall for a feature wall in my house. When time came, I spoke to my painter friend and together we went for three different shades of grey. Below are a few pictures of how my striped feature wall came about.

First painted gloss white as I wanted the white to pop out and not be in the background. Then measured and masked using the masking tape. This step took a white to get it done. And then painted three different shades of grey. Three coats and I was getting impatient as I wanted to strip the masking tape off to see the result.
I had to wait over night to do it. I was filled with excitment peeling the tape off.

And after a few touch ups, here is my beautiful striped wall. It turned out amazing. A few neighbours saw it driving through and came in to look at it. They all loved it. We were so excited. The rest of the house is the lightest grey with white trims. Here are couple of more photos:)

Pinterest is a great resource. Love it. Thanks for sharing my excitment
Have a great day!


  1. Its very impressive !!
    very sophisticated..
    love it to the core..


  2. The wall turned out to be amazing! I bet you're so proud of that, as you should be!

  3. Very cool design, Gayatri. Looks so nice.

  4. Boy, that masking tape first step requires tons of patience! The result is wonderful. Love it paired with those wood floors.

  5. Gorgeous wall. So cool and sophisticated!

  6. WOW! What an incredible feature!

  7. Gayatri, this is beyond awesome! Love how it turned out.

  8. Wow, how beautiful, Gayatri – and definitely worth the time and effort 🙂

  9. turned out soo beautifully!! love it!

  10. I am so jealous – that striped wall is gorgeous and I love the bedroom furniture! 🙂

  11. This looks so amazing! No wonder everyone loved it!

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