July 31, 2012

A unique birthday card

Hi everybody,

Life became very busy over the weekend. Things settled a bit today but still lots ot do. So I am sharing a card I made for PC submission call but didn’t get picked up.Here is the card.

This card is inspired by Typography. Here is a picture that particularly inspired me.

I am inspired by the lines and used it for my card layout. Not the colours. I used my own colours and sentiments to make my card. And you also see the lines are not exactly the same but somewhere closer to the picture. All you will need is a rough layout and you can make it your own:)

I love how my card turned out and hope you do too.

I am hoping to craft this afternoon. So hoping to share something with you soon:)
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I love it ! The design and the neon colours just make the card standout ! Fabulous work as always !!

  2. Wow such a Gorgeous card…i love the symmentry you created with lines and sentiment…its so Unique!!!

  3. Love the card Gayatri!! would never have thought of using so many sentiments!!! fantastic !!! Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring us always!!

  4. Fabulous card! I love your inspiration point too!

  5. I'm with Aimes…love the neon colors and the graphic layout.

  6. What a wonderful design! You have a great balance between the sentiments and the papers. So much going on, but the main point is so clear in the middle.

  7. This is fantastic – love the flow of the lines and the varied scripts – so very cool and unique 🙂

  8. LOVE IT…great for a 10 year old!

  9. Oh my! Thats just beautiful! thanks for giving insights on how you make a card from a Pinterest inspiration photo 🙂

  10. Gayatri – seriously!? This is your best card EVER. I love it all and I can't even imagine how long it took you to make this. But it was worth it!

  11. WOW WOW WOW! I love your inspiration source. I love your take on it. I love this card SO MUCH!

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