September 2, 2011

Charlie and shoes…

It rained yesterday or I should say we had freaky storms. Before the patio got soaking wet, I brought some of our shoes inside the house. Charlie was thrilled! He loves shoes. I took a series of photos of his reactions to shoes and my interpretation of what he maybe thinking lol!

Charlie thinks ” Yes! this is a good spot for me”.

Aaaa! its so comfy and Sid’s shoe is a good  place to rest my nose 🙂

 Comfy and now I am feeling sleepy….

Its more warm inside the Sid’s shoes….

Look! what I found inside the shoes? SOCKS to chew, Yay!

What? Mom does not want me to chew on it? Not fair! I found it and its mine to chew.

After this photo I have to run after him to get the socks off him lol! He got a bit grumpy but loved his treat more than the sock. We are having so much fun with him. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed the photos and my interpretation 🙂
See ya soon!


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  1. Charlie is so adorable…thanks for the laugh! 🙂

  2. What a cute little fellow. Love your interpretations. LoL

  3. Awww he's the cutest wee one ever! Love that Security outfit he's got on too! Btw for my future reference what breed is Charlie?

  4. Absolutely adorable. And I love your interpretation too – looks like you captured his thinking right on.

  5. Oh my he is too cute! Captured brilliantly.

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