October 9, 2010

Card for housewarming party!

This is the first time I am making a card for housewarming party. I had to make it in a hurry. Not that I didn’t know about the party in advance but I just simply forgot about it.Silly me! So I made this card just 15 minutes before going to the party.
I liked the colors although I picked them randomly. But was stuck with the stamp a little. I wanted to use this house stamp (thats the only house stamp set I have!) and get colors into it by using marker pens. But didn’t have time to do it. So decided to go for black.It turned out good I think and I still like it. And the sentiment was perfect because this couple has been looking to buy for a very long time and finally bought this house.
Been busy with household chores. Spring No! Summer (too hot already!) is here and I had to pack all winter clothes away and get out all summer clothes. Wash all the linen…. blah!.. blah!… blah!…. Lots of work basically. A lot of ironing too. I hate ironing!!!  I can do every other work but ironing. Such a boring job. I try to postpone doing it but just can’t avoid it.Can I? I wish I had someone to iron clothes 🙂  Kids clothes are organised but I have mine and my husband’s to do 🙁  Whats exciting is school starts next week and I will get back to my routine. Kids are so looking to go back to school. I am itching to go back to the gym. And that 2 hours afternoon time is what I am looking forward to. Well, I am boring you all with too much blah! blahs! lol! 
Will leave now. Have a great weekend! Until next time….


  1. Love that house stamp….. too cute!!! Great colors…. turned out great and I KNOW the family who was on the receiving end LOVED IT!!!

  2. It is perfectly beautiful for the ocassioin….. I would love to base my card on this for inspiration….. someday….. 🙂


  3. The card is pretty dear! u made that in 15 mins?! that's impressive!!

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