May 12, 2010

Teacher’s appreciation gifts…

Hey all! Today I wanted to share couple of gifts I made for two trainee teachers “in training”( Edited:Thanks Sue! I just could not get that word “Trainee” out of my brain today. I am too preoccupied today) at my children’s school. Two ladies who are training to be teacher are currently teaching (or to say they are doing their final practicals) my DD Aditi’s and DS Siddarth’s classes. My children talk a lot about them and about their classes all the time. They enjoy their classes. They both are doing a wonderful job and I sure they will become excellent teachers in the near future. Their last date is this Friday and to show appreciation for their work, I made them these gifts.
The one above is for my son’s trainee teacher “in training”. The box that carries all the gift items is Trendy Tools template from Lauren Meader’s My Time Made Easy. I was lucky to find the apple mug. I was so excited when I saw it in! The clear box is from PTI and it contains mocha sachets and a thank you note card. I have used PTI’s Teacher’s apple stamp set for both the gift set.
This one above is for my daughter’s trainee teacher “in training”. Again I used Lauren Meader’s Trendy Tools template. Its basically a template for tool box. Very versatile and can be used otherwise as well like how I have used mine. This is a stationary set. The clear box contains pen, highlighter, staples,calculator…., there is a tic tac , notepad, couple of pencils on a holder and a thank you note card. Again I have used PTI’s Teacher’s Apple and SU’s Vintage Vogue stamp set for this gift set. Papers for both the projects are from SU and Basic Grey.Ribbons are also from SU except the red and black gingham ribbon.
Siddarth and Aditi like it soooo much. On Monday, when Aditi was home sick, she helped out making hers.She was thrilled so see it finish as we made it over 4 days. Both can’t wait to give their set to their teachers.
Hope you like them. I so enjoyed making it. I am now off to get prepared for today’s class.
Have a great day!


  1. They are such gorgeous gifts Gayatri. I bet the trainee teachers loved them.

  2. These are beautiful! I cut one out but have not had a chance to put it together yet–maybe today!

  3. How much work has gone into these! Just beautiful Gayatri. They will certainly treasure these gifts.

  4. Awesome project, Gayatri!! Some teacher is going to be very lucky to get this!

  5. You've done a fantastic job on both of these, and I'm sure the “teacher's” will love them!!

  6. Wow!! I can tell you put a lot of thought and effort into these presents. I just know they're going to love them. They're fabulous!!

  7. As a high school I would love to receive a thank you card so I am sure the trainee teachers will be blown away by your efforts.

  8. Wow! Those are great gifts! You put a lot of work and effort into them and I'm sure they will be appreciated!

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