February 9, 2010

Happy Anniversary to me!

Yes! today is my wedding anniversary. Gosh! its been 12 years since I have been married. And I am happily married to my dear husband. Been a very special day today. And going out to dinner tonight. Wow! its been a while since we went out for dinner by ourselves. It will be strange but nice too!
I do not have any cards to show as I have been super busy since the school started. After school activities have increased tremendously. Aditi has started horse riding lessons and Siddarth martial arts. Thats leaves us with just Wednesday free in the entire week and Sunday on the weekends. 2 days of swimming, one day of horse riding and martial arts and one day for music and Saturday for music theory lessons. And I have started going to gym as well. Its exhausting but I am loving it. Great to feel occupied and feel busy. Especially after  boring hot school holidays. Tomorrow is house inspection and I am cleaning madly today.In the evening I have parents meetings for both my children. I think I have write everything on papers and stick them all over over the house. Anyway, hope I have some time on thursday to make cards. 
Got to go now! Cook dinner and get kids to eat dinner before we leave for dinner.
Have a great day!


  1. me and dh have been married 12 years too 😉 Congrats!!!

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