July 30, 2009

Aussie Pub calls kits

Hey everybody,

You all know I am part of Aussie Pub Calls creative team member.
I have also been telling you about the kits available from Aussie Pub Calls.
Here is the sneak peek of the August kit. I made a card which was inspired by KWerner’s Diagonal Rays with pattern paper card. I like the diagonal rays with multiple pattern paper. In this card below, you can see all the papers available in the August kit.

Isn’t this beautiful? Here is the link to the KWerner’s video.
If you find it interesting, then give it a go.

And how do you like the new blog dress? Aditi is at home down with fever and we amused ourselves with doing up the blog. Actually, she wanted to do a blinkie but we ended up finding this blog called Shabbyblog and ended up downloading free stuff and dressing up my blog.
Heaps of fun.Some paracetamol is keeping Aditi stay out of fever and bodyaches. Hoping she will recover soon.

I made another stationary box. Will load it later today.
Ok, see you later in the evening.


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