February 16, 2009

More digi layout……

How are you guy today? Not a good day for me.
A bit sleepy since morning. Tired too.
But I did manage to do all household chores, taking kids to swimming lessons
and had a cat nap for about 15 minutes in the evening and I am better.
I generally stay up late on weekends watching TV and end up sleep deprived on Monday!!
Anyway, whats for dinner today? I have made some nice pulav
(vegetable fried rice Indian style) and want to eat now!!
Then fold clothes and vaccum the house and organise for tomorrow’s work.

Before I leave here are a couple of digi layouts I made with some freebies from Shabby Princess.


Until next time…



  1. Very beautiful! I have Adobe Photoshop Elements and played around with it a couple of times. I really would like to take a class. heehee.

  2. These are both so different but both are just gorgeous! Are you addicted to digi now? Looks like it to me…Gayatri you have such talent in the scrapbooking world! Luv Shaz xoxo

  3. these are real cute pages g…fab colours…have a good day!!!xxx

  4. Stunning layouts Gayatri,and dinner sounds yummo!

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