February 6, 2009

Body Pump Class rambling and couple of cards

Hey everybody,

The week passed by so quickly for me after the school opened and I went back to work.

I have had fantastic news over the week. Getting the DT position at Debs is a great honor.
I still can’t believe it.
Today was my day off at work and I went to my gym this morning.
After the workout as I was heading out, my friend Denise caught me
and convinced me to try her Body Pump class.
She said its fun and join me in the fun!! I was like ok!!…

…………………One hour passed by…………………

I came out with my hands and knees shaking.
OMG!!!! that was awesome but I was totally out of shape.
Now it is evening, I can feel my muscles pain at all odd places!!!
I am walking like a robot and my kids are laughing at me…
I like it though. Will continue to go for it.

Denise was awesome.
She is carrying so much weight, talking, singing, dancing and working out.
She makes it look so easy!!! Awww!! I looked at her muscles and my jaws dropped.
She is really good at it. Monday is the next session.

Well, I came back and made couple of cards out of Tamara’s sketches.
The image and the sentiment in the second card is stamped and heat embossed.
Thanks Tamara. Awesome sketches.
Here they are.

Ok hope all of you had a great day today.

Have a great weekend.


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