January 27, 2009

Ohhh!!! finally…..

Yes, finally it has cooled down here and it is pouring.

Feels so much better after a month of hot spell!!!

Garden is getting a nice soak. Veggie patch is looking good.

Kids are happy playing in the rain and making dams and waterways…..

I get to sit by myself and hop from one blog to another.Hehehe!!

Tomorrow is a big day. My friend Tracey is coming over

and we are going to scrap in the afternoon Yay!!

I have to tidy the house tonight.

And OH! I have some more books to cover.

Let me start right now, since I have some time.

Before I go, here are some photos I took yesterday.



  1. Rain is always welcome after a hot spell isn’t it. Ours came last night and was really needed by our dry garden!….xxx

  2. Gorgeous Kids you have Gayatri, they are growing up so fast.Isn’t the rain so lovely, we have been having heaps over here too!Luv Shaz xoxo

  3. Omg just stunning pics of the kids Gayatri,so very gorgeous

  4. gorgeous pictures of your kids your Aditi looks very beautiful look forward to seeing how you scrap the photo’s….

  5. Oh Gayatri! These photo’s of the kids are just gorgeous, what cuties they are!!!Hope that rain is giving you some cooler temps, looking forward to catching up.Hugs Angie xox

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