January 10, 2009

A bit of rambling……….

My SIL sent some toe rings. Very cute ones. But I do not get to wear them. Aditi also like them and has taken them. The joy of having a daughter!! I guess….. She is wearing them as finger rings. They are perfect on her fingers. Aren’t they cute?

She wants to grow her nails, paint them and wear finger rings!!!

No prizes for guessing who she is copying, lol!!!!

We raided a garage sale near our house today and bought a huge number of books.

Kids just went crazy…

There are sets of Paul Jennings books, Enid Blyton books, Caption underpants, Simpson comics and other misc.. ones too!

I am so happy. They will occupied for a while reading books.

They also picked up some games and Aditi loved this cute little Panda soft toy,

which when rubbed on the tummy will make a little crying sound.

Very cute. They all look so new.

I bought a lovely wrought iron and wooden hallway furniture for 10$.

Couldn’t leave it, so beautiful and new!!

Where am I going to put it is another issue lol!!

Well, I have a few boxes to dispose and waiting for my neighbours to join for a garage sale..

I thing end of this month is when we have planned.

So one mega garage sale.

And make some room in the house…

What am I going to do today? I mean scrapbooking? I have no idea yet.

Got to go through the challenges and my stash….

Off I go..

Have a good weekend.



  1. Nothing like books for kids!! I have an avid reader in my youngest daughter, Angela. She is already reading things like Treasure Island, Secret Garden, Tom Sawyer, she has just turned 7!!! Have a great weekend. See you when I get back from Perth!!Kathiexoxo

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