December 12, 2008

In the Basic Grey Gallery………..

Yup!, one of my layout is accepted and is posted on the Basic Grey Online Gallery.

Here is the link
It was such a surprise and I am honoured. I love Basic Grey papers. Every collection is unique.
I am trying to get hold of the Bitter Sweet Collection…… Will do pretty soon….
The gallery also has ChrisW’s LO (from Debs’s forum)
and previously had LisaK and Nat’s LOs too.

Yesterday was a nice day here at Kal. Was raining and completely cloudy.
Just loved it. Not often we get this kind of weather here.
This year summer is predicted to be wet. How lovely! I love warm rainy days.

Including today, 5 days more for school holidays.
And 2 days of weekend included in this 5 days. Actually only 3 days.
I am so happy because I am off work as well!!
I can get more things done.
No vaccswim until 29th dec.
So I can organse my house a bit. Schedule kid’s routine.
And scrap a lot. Lol!!!

Sad news is my bestest friend is leaving town. She is moving to Mackey!!!
I will miss her a lot. Her DD is in my DD’s class. They are best friends.
My friend is my DS’s teacher too.
She has 4 girls aged 7 and under and she is one of the happiest woman I have ever seen.
No grumpy face, no shouting at kids, she works full time and manages 30 kids in the class!!, takes all 4 girls to grocery shopping and comes out smiling!!
She even built her new house. I am amazed.
My jaw always drops when she does all the work at school without lagging behind.
Her house is sparkling clean, She makes birthday cakes for all her kid’s birthday party.
Gosh! I wish I can do all of these and still look pleasant and cheerful!!!
She is my inspiration. I am all praises for her.
When I struggle with my work, home and 2 kids, I look upto her and get motivated.
Now she is leaving. I am very sad.
We cried today. I am saying no more. I eyes are filled.

Will post more later.


  1. Oh Gayatri…you poor thing…lucky for computers…you should be able to keep in touch!!! not the same as a real hug though is it!!!Mandyxxx

  2. What an amazing woman your best friend is… sad that she is moving….

  3. congrats in getting a layout accepted in the BG gallery G3… well done! Xxx

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