December 5, 2008


Whats a Pixie, mom?
Was the question asked by my DD recently. It does not stop there.
Momm…, Whats the difference between Pixie and Fairy?
So we searched on google and found out that Pixies are smaller than faires,
live in garden and have their own territory.
They are delicate and more gentle than fairies. These characteristics were similar to my DD. She loves to spend more time in the garden, she is delicate in structure and gentle in nature.
With this in mind, I decided to make a layout.
Tanyah from Scrapncraft with T had her challenge in Debs which has butterflies, heart felt journaling, wings, which will be perfect for the Pixie idea in my mind.

Here is Tanyah’s challenge:

This Challenge must include
a bracket
shapped paper
Heart Felt journalling with at least 5 words highlighted in some way.
Chipboard decorated shape

Thus, this layout was created. I love this layout for another reason too. I love the color combo. Green, Purple and Brown.
I think it goes very well. I like how the layout turned out.
Here are some closeups.

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