November 21, 2008

Finally I finished…

designing my kit for the competition at

It was good but took a long time as a lot of things were happening at the same time and I had to complete it little by little.
I generally complete a layout at one go. I cannot keep it and come back later to finish it off.
I will loose the interest on it!!! Thats why it was tough for me.
Unfortunately I will not be able to publish it now.
Maybe next month after the results are out.
So you just have to wait. Suspense hun!!

The one I am working on it is something fun.
Multiple photos and a great theme.
Wait until tomorrow!

Now goodnight.

Here are a few random photos for you




  1. Wow!!! Love the photo’s are they from your USA holiday.

  2. Yes Vicki, the Niagara Falls, Photos from Sears towers, NASA, Houston, Museum, Zoo…

  3. I love Niagara falls photo’s they must be awesome to see in real life can imagine the sound of the falls….

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