November 17, 2008

OMG! Lost my stuff……..

Last night I was fidling with my blog settings. I wanted to make it into a 3 column blog to maximise the use of space.
And after 3 tries, I finally got it.
I was so happy. But it was short lived!!!
I am supposed to save the widgets I added. Which I did when I tried the first time and forgot or got frustrated by the time I tried my fourth time.
I lost all the sketch blogs, websites, links to my favourate scrapbooking websites, blinkies and whole lot more………………..
I sat up until 2.00am and fixed most of the stuff but I still have to put in my blinkie from uproar. I am trying and trying and I am not able to do so!!! Wonder how I did last time??????? Time to call my DH.I think he fixed it last time.
I will have a long way to go to put in my fav blogs and websites. But I will get to it. Sorry girls.
The good news is that my posts are intact. I am very happy about it.
Will post some new picture taken from nearby hill tonight.


  1. that sounds very frustrating, I haven’t worked out how to put the blinkies on yet, or the background layout so mine will stay as is… till I work it out that is…

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