October 26, 2008

Some sad news for me over the weekend.

I had some sad news over the weekend. One of our friend who was driving from a nearby town which was about 4 hours away, had a heart attack on the way. He drove for another 50 kms to reach a small town for medical help. By the time he reach the town, he was in a very serious condition that he was flown to Perth and is now on life support. It is very very sad because he came over to my house couple of weeks ago for tea. We all had a nice time and he was a great support when we moved into this town. His condition is still very very critical. We do not know what if going to happen to him. He has a wife and a 10 year old son and his mother here too. We need some serious prayers for him to wake up. So please pray for him.

All my plans to sit to scrap over the weekend is postpond at the moment. But I managed to make one layout. Here it is for you


  1. Oh Gayatri, that is so so sad. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. And I will keep praying for him to recover and go home to his family. Hope we hear some happy news really soon.Luv Sharon

  2. Oh Gayatri! What horrible news hun. Know that Im sending positive healing energy over to help with the recovery and my prays and thoughts are with you all.Keep us in touch HUGS TO YOU HUN Angie xoxox

  3. Oppps! forgot to mention that a LOVE that layout hun, fantastic work as always ***** from me!

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