October 15, 2008

A good day today.

Well had a rough day yesterday. Wish I was more organized! Today is good. I have at least prioritized my to do list. Just have to follow it and tick it off.

My DD lost her top front tooth yesterday! She is cool about it. OMG! all the Iffff” and “ufff” coimg out of her mouth when she talk is sort of like that Ultra Tune ad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is one more wobbly about to fall any minute. All the “ifffs and Ufffs” are going to get worse. Got to take a photo soon. These photos are to be treasured and scrapped of course. Yeah! Soon you will see it in one of my layout.

Shopping in Coles yesterday was so difficult because kids came with me!! Ended up having a headache. Off late, I am surviving with 2 paracetamols every other day. Headaches, migraines, tension…………….. I am soon going to have kidney trouble!!

I managed to get into the forums and chat and put up some info about myself as I was in the spotlight at uproar2scrapmore.com.au Few questions answered………………..

Oh! BTW, I also won the September make your own embellishment RAK by Tracey for my “little precious one” layout. I am one of the winner. How cool is that?

I also prioritized how many layouts I got to make in total. Looks like I have about 10 left!!!!!!!!!!!! One per day I should be able to finish it. I think so if I keep up to it.

Will load couple of layouts tonight

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