October 14, 2008

I am frustrated and angry!!!!!

Why? Second day in a row I took my kids to school and the school has not yet started.

I am frustrated. I need to get back to work.

My DD was like “No, it is not fair. I want to go to school”. Poor thing she has also had enough.

More than 2 weeks of school holidays and none of my work is done. I am lagging behind in everything! Vacswim took away 4 hours of my precious time in the afternoon. Atleast kids learned to swim. It is hard to keep them occupied all the time. They have had enough and I have had enough. Would like to know who sets the dates for school holidays! Would like to have a word with them.

I called my husband to babysit today and I am at work now. Peaceful and happy. Sometimes, you need that time off for yourself to do few things you enjoy!! People agree?
Anyway, work is light so far and so I am planning on few layouts.

Will update more later once I calm down…………..

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