October 7, 2008

Hectic weekend………….

Phew…..!!!!!!!!!!! Happy to be back home, I should say. Really, driving 630kms to Perth on Friday and then getting a list of work done over the weekend(including sightseeing for kids!) and then sitting for exams on Monday afternoon and then driving back another 630kms is stressful and tiring…….
Come home there is a load of washing, cleaning up and so on and so on….. This is so stressful.Anyway, I am happy to back home. Can relax and take my own time to get to things.
now enough of cribbing…..

I did have some nice things done over the weekend in Perth. I passed my exams that was good, not good really really good.Then We took some best photos in Kings Park. Fantastic ones. Will load it tonight.

Well, the sad news coming home is that my birthday card I made for uproar2scrapmore was destroyed by the postman. Bugger!!! he bent it!!!! But the good news is, I won the monthly challenge at uproar2scrapmore. Yay!!!!! It was a kaiser challenge. Use 3 Kaiser products. Here is the layout I made for it. I used the Kaiser patterned paper Extreme P246 Cutback, Kaiser Orange rhinestones, kaiser Pearls.

My kids love Sponge bob square pants. they sing to that stupid tune too!!! Anyway, this weekend my son bought me a book on Sponge bob and his friends and all details of who, when and what they do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is educating me. hehehheh heheh!!!

Ok , I will load photos tonight. Bye see ya>>>>

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