September 21, 2008

collect crockery!!

I always have this thing for crockery. Love it especially the old ones like the blue and white, red and white and some hand painted one. I also like Bendigo pottery and jars. I have just started collecting a few. Here are some on display. Some are inside my buffet as I have no space. I regularly rotate because I can then display them all and I also have something to do.


  1. Love the crockery…isn’t funny how we all collect different things in our lifetimes. Mine are chickens/roosters and teddies but lately I seem to be getting lots and lots of butterfly stuff! I have too much stuff! But I love being surrounded by the things that make me go to my happy place. Thanks for sharing GayatriPS You look so scared with the parrot on your shoulder.Luv Shaz

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